If you are a couple who have fallen into a boring routine because of years of togetherness, you are not alone. With so many responsibilities and stress, it is difficult to continue to feel as romantic as you did during the initial years of marriage. The worst thing you can do to your relationship is to come back to a messy bedroom. No matter how small the bedroom might be, some thoughtful décor can create a sense of romance and help you de-stress. According to an article published by Psychology Today, sleeping closer to your partner, such that you are able to reach over and touch the person who love the most in your life, helps exchange more positive energy, which is extremely beneficial to strengthening the bond a couple shares.

The bedroom plays a very important role in a couple’s life. It gives couples that personal space that allows them to be together even in those awkward moments of bad hair, bad breath, bodily noises and more. Small bedroom essentials of should always include love, trust and care.

Here are four things you can do in the bedroom to bring strengthen the bond and rekindle the spark.

1.  Play Some Music

There have been many instances when love for music has brought couples together. This doesn’t only happen in college but after marriage too. Include some speakers in your small bedroom décor and play some smooth jazz or prime romantic tunes to set the mood when you two are alone. Turn down the lights and feel each other’s company.

2.  Do Some Pillow Talk

Pillow talk is the intimate and relaxed conversation couples have before or after sexual activity, or simply while cuddling in bed. Use these conversations to show interest in each other’s life. Ask your partner about the things they’re passionate about. Ask them when they first cried or felt great or awkward. These personal questions will help you know each other on a different level.

3.  Sweat Together

When we jog or lift weights, our body releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormones. So, if you exercise together or even go for brisk walks, you will not only benefit from a fitter body but also a happier mood together.

4.  Make the Small Bedroom Décor Alluring

Decorate your small bedroom with things personal to both of you. When designing the bedroom, take into consideration the shape and size of the room, along with your individual style and budget. Look for colour ideas for the bedroom that are warm and soothing.

The key to a successful married life is to perceive your partner as your best friend, with whom you can share all your hidden desires and feelings, without being judged.