The trends in home improvement will surprise many people. You will be astonished to know that most homeowners still prefer to spend on such projects only with the intention of selling the property. According to a new survey, around 75% people took up refurbishment work for improvement, in contrast to 42% who were more interested in repairs and maintenance.

With due Infographic credit to the builders west London branch of New line Construction Ltd., it can be also said that homeowners still prefer hiring contractors for such projects. What is also surprising is the interest in DIY projects. While people still hired contractors, some preferred doing taking up a few jobs in the entire project, mainly to save on the costs.

You will be surprised to find that 85% of all surveyed homeowners used their savings to fund such projects. In fact, people who used savings were mostly in control of their budgets, while others who took credit often exceeding the initial estimate.

It can be safely said that property prices seemed more lucrative than general maintenance, and even with the increasing costs, people are still interested in hiring expert contractor services for getting better value for their money.